When coming from Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda, take the auto route to Kryžkalnis, and then get on to the Tilžė-Riga highway in the direction of Šiauliai. Get off at Kelmė. Follow the very first sign indicating the way to Užventis, but shortly afterwards, at the second sign, do not turn off in that direction, but continue straight head, going through Verpena in the direction of Šaukenai, always following the asphalt road. After the seventh kilometric milestone, a sign on the right will indicate the direction of Šaltiniai and Palendriai. Follow this indication, crossing the village of Šaltiniai. Soon you will perceive in the distance the old church of Palendriai and the new monastery.

When coming from Šiauliai, you can also get off the main road after milestone 83, taking the direction of Lakštes and Šilo Pavežupis. The turn-off is on the left, but once down the ramp, turn left again and pass under the main highway. Turn left at Gargariai, and 1or 2 kilometres beyond the village, at the first intersection, in the woods, turn right. You will reach the monastery about 7 kilometres after having left the main highway. But if you fear getting lost, take the main road to Kelmė, following the first set of directions given above.